Airport Pickup

Upon arrival to San Diego International Airport, leathergloveboy was instructed to walk to a nearby park to meet me. I was ready for him wearing a Marine uniform and had handcuffs at the ready.

MCCUU Woodland and Cuffs

We met, said hello. From that point on, things changed. I told him to turn around put his hands on top of his head, to which he complied. I then cuffed him behind his back and put him in leg irons. Now well restrained, I placed him into the car and put the seat belt on. Once I got into the car, I had one more thing for him – a spandex hood. Now hooded, cuffed, and ironed, he was ready for transport.

After a 15 minute drive from the airport, we arrived at my place. I first took his bags out of the car and brought them inside. He was next. I decided it was best for him if the hood did not come off until he was safely chained at my place. So, still in cuffs, irons, and a hood, I led this boy up the stairs and into the apartment. I already had a chain locked to the wall waiting for him attached to a collar. I didn’t remove the hood until I had him collared and chained to the wall. This was only the beginning of a long weekend of bondage for him.

Leathergloveboy – Cuffed and Ironed
Leathergloveboy – Hooded and Chained

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