Chains – a simple, effective way

Back in December 2011, colobondageboy was planning to come out here for a short bondage visit. Unfortunately, earlier that week, I was involved in a serious collision on my bicycle. I didn’t want to disappoint though. My usual heavier bondage was simply out of the question as both my wrists were badly sprained. I do, however, still have enough to keep the boy well bound for his visit. I chose handcuffs, shackles, and padlocks as my tools. They were quite effective, keeping him well bound for his visit and in a manner my wrists could take. Even though I was injured, the sounds of a gagged boy moaning and rattling the chains he wore turned me on. Having a bound boy around certainly aided in my healing that weekend!

colobondageboy – chained up at the wall. This boy is wearing a thick leather isolation hood.
colobondageboy – strapped to my futon. Chains connect his wrists and his ankles, making movement tougher.

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