Folsom Street Weekend 2012 – Friday

After much planning and anticipation, Folsom weekend was finally upon us. I packed up the car and headed out. After reaching the hotel and settling in a bit, MummyEd picked me up in his van. We headed over to San Francisco International Airport to pick up boy drew, who was coming from Canada. After having some difficulty with parking, we managed to find a good and quiet spot. We met him at the baggage claim in the terminal and walked out to the car. We had set up the seat in the back, so MummyEd was our “chauffeur” for our drive to the Noe Valley area. After getting buckled in, I proceeded to put boy drew into my Peerless Model 700 handcuffs, CTS Thompson Model 7084 Blue Box, and Chicago Model 2500 Oversized Boot Cuffs. It was a nice and fairly restrictive introduction to a bondage filled weekend.

We then headed up to Noe Valley where we met the folks from Serious Bondage. A couple of them joined us for dinner, where I led boy drew in cuffs and irons down the street to the restaurant. When the people at the restaurant saw us, they weren’t that surprised. It was Folsom weekend after all! So, boy drew ate his dinner with the rest of us, him being in cuffs and irons for the duration. After dinner, we headed back to Serious Bondage where we picked up a Maxcita Psycho-X straitjacket for MummyEd to wear the next day. Well, not so much picked up as had him try one on for size. It fit quite well. As a result, it was decided he would be kept in the jacket. A hood was added for good measure; at this point he really had no choice anyway. So, with MummyEd in a straitjacket and hood, boy drew in handcuffs and leg irons, it was time to head to the hotel. We stopped by MummyEd’s car to get the rest of their gear and that is where things got just a bit more interesting. I had to get the keys to the van out of MummyEd’s pocket, which wasn’t quite so easy with him being in a straitjacket. After finding out he was a bit ticklish there, I did finally get the keys. We, or I really should say I at this point, grabbed boy drew’s three bags, MummyEd’s backpack, and his sleeping gear. I had to carry this over to the MUNI (J Line) which we were going to take back to the hotel in downtown. After putting the gear together, we all headed over to the train. Everything was going well until the train actually arrived. The doors opened, boy drew and MummyEd got on. I had to bring the bags up and make sure they got on safe. All was going alright until the doors started to close! No!!!! boy drew managed to stop the door from closing, I hurried to get the bags up, and off we went. What a start to a trip! After getting things arranged on the train, I paid our fare and headed back to my two bound subs. Oh the looks, photo requests, and questions we got made the trip that much more entertaining.

Finally reaching Powell Station, we got off the train and walked the rest of the way to the hotel. There were quite a few confused looks as we headed up Grant St toward the hotel. At the hotel itself, they didn’t seem to notice much which was amusing. After getting to the room, it was time to let them out of their bondage so they could get ready for sleep. After they were ready for bed, I put boy drew into fist mitts and bondage socks, connecting them by chain. I put MummyEd into my heavy wrist shackles and it was off to bed. Another fun day was ahead of us.

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