Folsom Street Weekend 2012 – Saturday

A bondage walkabout in San Francisco

After getting a sleep, I untied MummyEd and boy drew so they could get ready for the day. I chose to wear my US Army ACU MP uniform, boy drew wore an Utilikilt, and MummyEd wore more regular clothes. We headed on out, met up with Bailzibub from Scotland at Market St, and continued on to get breakfast.

After we got breakfast, we went to visit with a friend of MummyEd’s who was staying at a hotel close to Mr. S and Folsom St. There I was introduced to Dave who had an interest in braces, hooks, and other prosthetics. Using his room as a “base”, I put MummyEd into his straitjacket first. It was then time to get boy drew into his gear. I started with his straitjacket and added some belts to hold his arms back a bit more. Once he was secure, I shoved a ball gag into his mouth and locked a leather muzzle over that to further keep the boy quiet. With everyone ready to go and Graham to help, it was time to leave. I attached my leash to boy drew and off we went.

Our first stop on this bondage tour of San Francisco would be Mr. S Leather. I had a muzzle from them that was wearing out a little early and wanted to see what they would do to help me with it. We arrived just after they opened their doors at 11am. It was already pretty busy at the store, though not a surprise considering the weekend. I brought the muzzle to one of the clerks who ended up telling me they would replace the muzzle but was unable to at that time. Out of stock, oh well. We had a couple other people that were going to meet us, one to possibly join my walking group today. While waiting, someone came up to me and asked if I could wait another 20 minutes or so. I asked why and they told me they would make me a new muzzle while I waited. Very cool! Sure, I’ll wait. During that time, the others we were waiting for showed up, Rubcop from Sweden and a couple other friends of MummyEd’s. After about 20 minutes, a clerk came back holding a new muzzle. They handed it to me, then the old muzzle. They asked “Do you want us to throw out the old one or do you want to keep it?” How is that for a tough question! I told them I would keep it. Now holding two locking muzzles, both mine, I stood in a bit of a daze. Did that really just happen? Sure enough it did and I was just in a very happy state for quite some time after. What a weekend so far!

My two Mr. S Leather muzzles – New one on the right.

Our next stop on this tour would be going back to Dave’s hotel room, where Rubcop would change into his leather bondage suit. It took a while to put it on, getting the lacing and straps nice and snug in the process. It was my first experience with a bondage suit and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the suit was nice and tight, I added a couple items of my own. I put him into locking fist mitts first. As I just acquired a brand new muzzle, it needed to get used. So, I locked the muzzle on him as well. Before we left, I added leg irons to both boy drew and Rubcop. I attached the leash to Rubcop this time, and we headed out. We then headed down 9th St toward Market so we could catch a MUNI train to the Castro. With both boy drew and Felix wearing leg irons, the walk was slow, but fun. At Mission St, there was a crew putting up a tall crane, which allowed those stuck in the ensuing traffic to watch our group walking up the street much easier. Many people also walking stopped us asking to take photos, to which we obliged. Even the crew putting the crane together was taking photos. What fun! It was at after Mission, things got took an odd turn. Apparently, someone in a van wasn’t paying attention to the roadway, but to us, and bumped into the car in front of them. We didn’t quite realize at first what exactly happened, but MummyEd said he saw the whole thing. He spoke with the two people involved a little bit. I can only imagine what the insurance company will think when they are told a witness was in a straitjacket! A short walk later, we arrived at the MUNI station, where I purchased tickets for my group. Getting the two in straitjackets through the gates was a little interesting, considering I had to swipe their tickets for them. Having two of them still wearing leg irons and bound while we were on a moving train made things a bit more work, especially where the tracks were a bit bumpy. They managed to figure out how to stay standing at least.

My group in the Castro. I’m in the Army uniform.

At Castro Station, we detrained and headed on up to the street. Once we got up to the street level, we were stopped by many people asking for photos. We loved every minute of it. As two of the bound subs weren’t connected, they were allowed to roam a little more. I still had Rubcop in the bondage suit on leash when someone stopped us for a photo. After the photo, I told him to watch out as there was someone in a straitjacket behind them. He didn;t say anything but gave me a look that I was joking. Once he turned around, he was quite surprised to find two people in straitjackets heading his way. I wasn’t kidding! We continued on to our first stop “Worn Out West”. It is a store in the Castro where you can get used gear. I didn’t have anything in mind, but you never know what you’ll find. It was fun leading someone bound around the store, with two others bound as well wandering around. As we had been walking around for a while, it was time to eat. So, after doing some shopping at that store, we headed down to “Escape From NY Pizza” for some food. It was rather fun feeding the bound boys while they were bound.  We met a friend of mine there from San Diego, who then borrowed my old muzzle for his boy for the weekend.

Anything can be made kinky!

After eating, I had one more stop to make in the Castro. I wanted my “Hot Cookie”! As it is a small shop, the boys waited outside while I went in to get my cookies. It was fun to eat the cookies in front of my muzzled boys. Such cruel torture! Before we headed back to downtown and Dave’s hotel room, I took the leg irons off the boys to make the walk a little easier for them. Poor Rubcop didn’t want them removed, but he felt better when I told him that he’d be very heavily bound the next day. From there, we headed back to the MUNI, and headed to Civic Center station. As we were going to Dave’s hotel room, we went down 9th Street again, right past the crane crew again. This time was a little smoother, but just as fun. At Dave’s hotel room, I took MummyEd and boy drew out of their straitjackets, giving them a little relaxing time. I also helped Rubcop out of his bondage suit. All were tired but very happy. We had a great time on our bondage walkabout. After MummyEd and boy drew had a chance to wash up, we parted ways with Rubcop and headed back to the hotel. It was a long day, but not quite over yet. After the hotel, we headed back over to Serious Bondage for their Folsom Pre-Party. While there, another person named Mister X wanted to join our group on Sunday at Folsom. After figuring out what sort of bondage he was going to be put in, we headed back to our hotel room for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow would be another big day.

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