Folsom Street Weekend 2012 – Sunday – Folsom

Sunday morning, time to get ready for Folsom! After letting my two subs get some needed rest, it was time to put them into bondage. MummyEd was the simplest. He wore steel wrist shackles and a lycra leotard. Boy drew put on a Lycra wrestling singlet, then I strapped him into his straitjacket for the day. After putting my Marine woodland uniform and duty belt on, it was time to head out!

MCCUU Woodland uniform

We had breakfast in the Castro at a place called “The Cove on Castro”. Rubcop (in his bondage suit), Bailzibub, Allisonwonderland (wearing a Lycra suit) and Michael met us there. On Saturday, it was decided that Rubcop would feed boy drew breakfast while he was bound. It was even more fitting that the restaurant had an omelet called a “BDSM Omelet”. What a sight it was indeed. We weren’t the only ones in gear though. A boy had sat in the table next to us wearing wrist restraints.

boy drew and Rubcop waiting for breakfast
A BDSM Omelet? No better way to eat one!

After breakfast, we headed on down to Folsom on the MUNI. Rubcop would rejoin us at the event as he had to make a stop at the Mr. S Leather store first. Once we were at our meeting place at 7th St and Folsom St, it was time to finish getting ready for the event. I started by putting a gag and muzzle on boy drew, then chaining him to a bicycle rack at the curb. I next put a locking collar on MummyEd. One additional person, a Mister X from the Bay Area, who was planning to join our “chain gang”, joined us here as well. He brought with him a heavy steel collar, to which I added hinged handcuffs, cuffing his wrists behind him. Now that our group, sans Rubcop, was here – it was time to chain them together. I decided it would be best to have boy drew in front, Rubcop in second, Mister X in third, and MummyEd at the end of the chain. Allisonwonderland, Bailzibub, and Michael would be along to help and take photos. I then attached the leash to boy drew, and away we went.

Ready to go get Rubcop chained up
On our way to chain up Rubcop.

We headed over to Mr. S first, to pick up Rubcop. After a few minutes, he came out of the store and showed us what he went to pick up. He was wearing a thick posture collar and hood with a locking gag. What a sight – covered head to toe in leather and bondage gear. After a short greeting, I gagged him and locked it on, then showed him his place on my chain. Now with my entire group and “crew”, it was finally time to go out and enjoy the Folsom Street Fair. Our walk through the fair would be slow but fun. I lost count of how many took photos of my group. Leading a group of four subs chained together can be quite a task. I got to see quite a bit while there, but missed other things as I was paying more attention to a path and making sure my group was doing alright. We stopped by the Oink.Com booth first, where a friend of mine, pow90809, was working. I said hello and introduced him to my group. We then proceeded over to the wrestling booth where I met with another friend of mine. He was rather surprised to see that I had such a large group. I had only planned to have two originally.

My group at Folsom and Dore, sans Michael
Obey or be bound… or be bound anyway!
Pigs from a “flash mob” at Folsom

We wandered our way over to 12th Street and then slowly made our way through the ever crowded fair. It was times like these that I was happy I had my group chained together. Keeping four bound subs together in a big crowd can be tough but with the chain it was a whole lot easier. At 8th Street we headed over to Mr. S again to rest and change clothes. Our Folsom adventure was at a close, at least the part involving the fair. Rubcop stayed in his bondage suit for a while longer, later heading to Stompers for their Folsom party. Bailzibub, Michael, boy drew, MummyEd, and I went back to the hotel, where we freshened up. I changed out of my uniform and into my motorcycle racing leathers, gloves, and boots. We then headed to dinner at Union Square, where I ate dinner in full gear.

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in full gear

A fun and exciting weekend was had. There was lots of heavy bondage, public bondage, gear, and more!  We accomplished a lot and did more than I ever thought we would do. I can’t wait until next time!

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