Gear – Wetsuits

At Pecs Bar in my O’Neill Epic suit

Wetsuits are one of my favorite things to wear. They are easy to put on and quite durable. They keep me warm, though not so much out of the water. I’ve gone out in my wetsuits many times to bars and restaurants, usually a lot of fun. I have two suits I wear the most, both by O’Neill. The first is a 3/2mm Epic suit that I bought new in 2000. It has seen quite a bit of use in that time, from kayaking, bodyboarding, swimming, and bondage. The other suit is a 3/2 mm Heat suit, with green arms. After wearing the suit all day, your body has the wonderful smell of neoprene, reminding you of your earlier fun. As they are skintight, they are great for showing off the body. A nice bulge and ass show nicely in a good suit.

Sir SD Michael at Lake Shasta – in my O’Neill Heat suit

Wetsuits can be great for bondage too. They keep the sub nice and sweaty, while padded as well. They do hinder access to the bound boy’s body, but that can be fixed with a liberal application of a vibrator. Sometimes access isn’t always needed. It’s about the gear and the bondage! With the zipper in the back, you can also lock the wetsuit on, locking the zipper to a collar or hood. Doing so adds just another layer of bondage and control.

Boy hooded and mitted – in my wetsuit.
sdkinkboy hogtied in a wetsuit

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