Jackets and Diapers

I had a boy over that I’ve played with before. He enjoys wearing diapers in play. After the boy arrived, he was ordered to strip. He was then hooded, cuffed and diapered. After he was diapered, I took the cuffs off and quickly replaced them with a straitjacket. I strapped him down to the bed nice and tight, making sure he had little movement. He was teased, tortured, used, and abused for a while. It is fun making use of such a hot bound boy. After a while it was time to move him to a different position for more abuse. More on that in another post.

Diapered and cuffed
Strapped to the bed in diapers and a straitjacket
Keeping the boy’s mouth filled when not sucking cock.
Open and ready, forced to take any fluids in.
Diapered bulge. As you can see, he is enjoying this!

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