Rigid Steel Hogtie

Dakra, a friend from Arizona, came one weekend with a bit of gear of his own. One of the items that caught my attention was a set of rigid irons that could be used for a hogtie position. Steel is always interesting to work with. As it is unforgiving, the ability of the bottom to last a long time is limited. However, the fun is seeing how long they can last and pushing them just a bit further. I had him in this gear for a while, then released part of it, still leaving him in the rigid restraints to suffer some more. His restraints came from Dungeon Delights, also based in Arizona.

hogtied and chained to the wall
dakra – rigid steel – no escape
dakra – closeup of the aparatus, very unforgiving

6 Replies to “Rigid Steel Hogtie”

  1. I want that restraint rigid restraint system..
    Was it a special order? I went on the site referenced and I couldn’t find it.

    1. I think you are right.
      I contacted the company, and tried to describe it without using pictures,
      the guy said it sounded like a special order. Good news he says he can make it again! HOT!
      Wonder if it can extend to the neck for a collar too! oh boy!

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