SquidVA wrapped up

SquidVA is one of my regular players. He loves to be bound. So, we try new things often seeing what other fun bondage we can do. On this particular day, it was finally cool enough to do mummification. I wrapped him from his neck down, keeping his cock readily accessible. Instead of wrapping his head, I used my Mr S Bishop Head Harness as it has a nice gag I could use on the boy.

A nice view of the bound boy. So vulnerable.
SquidVA is now ready for torture
SquidVA mummified, with Mr S Bishop Head Harness

He stayed wrapped up for about an hour or so and endured plenty of torture during that time. I always love the sound of a boy moaning into a gag.

Bishop Head Harness, with gag. A nice addition to mummification.

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