Straitjacketed Marine

Still in the Marine uniform I put him in earlier that evening, I took raul1859 out of the hogtie he was in. I wanted to change things a bit, so I put him into a straitjacket. He looked so cute, hooded, straitjacketed, in a uniform – complete with a cover. I then strapped him down to the futon, teasing him and edging him some more. He was pretty horny from being teased earlier in the evening, so it didn’t take long to get him close. Watching him squirm and struggle against his bonds was quite exciting. Moaning into his gag, he finally shot a nice load all over himself. Such a fun mess!

Straitjacket and a cover
Leg irons and a uniform – always a nice combination – especially when a straitjacket is added.
Ready to be strapped down
Straitjacket, uniform, irons, and straps

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