Uniform and a hogcuffing

A boy I’ve played with before, raul1859, came over one evening for some fun. He is also into gear, so I put him into a USMC Woodland MARPAT uniform, to start. I then cuffed him behind his back, added leg irons, and teased him a while. Once he was sufficiently horny, he was ordered to get onto the futon, face down. After he was properly situated, I locked the cuffs to the irons and then added some belts to tighten things up. After he was sufficiently bound, I let him struggle a while, playing with his helpless body. To keep him further restricted, I locked a leather hood on him. It was only the beginning of his bondage adventure that evening.

Cuffed, ironed, and ready. Time to get hogcuffed.
Strapped and cuffed – a nice tight hogcuffing indeed.
Boots belted together for extra security.
Hooded and cuffed, he is securely bound.

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