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Skinsuits and California Flag kit

I’ve always been fascinated by skintight gear. Seeing cyclists in bike shorts was an exciting sight when I was younger. It still is today. Cycling gear is fun to wear and very practical, at least if you’re a cyclist. Bicycling to the store and going shopping in a skinsuit can also be quite fun. I have even gone out in my gear without the bike many times to various local bars. I think of cycling gear as the “gateway” gear. It helped me become more comfortable wearing skintight gear in public. Mind you, it is much more accepted on a bicycle. Still, some are uncomfortable wearing the gear in public. The key is to be comfortable with yourself. Once you achieve that, you can go out in pretty much any gear you want.

My favorite skinsuit and other gear. Shoe covers, leg warmers, arm warmers, and my old cyclocross bike.

I started my collection with a simple pair of bike shorts. I found a few places where I could get a good deal online, Voler in particular. I now have many skinsuits, bib shorts, jerseys, arm warmers, leg warmers, and more. Skinsuits are my favorite to ride in. They are a one-piece suit with a jersey and shorts combined. I find them quite comfortable to ride in, though a bit warmer at times. My favorite cycling kit that isn’t a skinsuit is my California Flag kit from Voler. I began my 2009 bicycle tour of old US 99 and the Columbia River Highway in that kit.

Start of my 2009 bike tour – in my California Flag kit
Long sleeve skinsuit and my new cyclocross bike.

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