Motorcycle Gear Update

I was perusing Craigslist here recently and found some leathers for sale for a really good price. They came with boots as well. Sizing seemed right, so I contacted the seller to see if I could try them on. When I showed up at his place, he was in his NWU’s (gotta love those Navy guys). I tried not to stare much. So, I tried on the leathers and they fit perfect. The coloring doesn’t quite match the bike, but they feel great. The boots were a great fit too. After I purchased, I put the suit and boots back on, tying my motorcycle jacket and boots onto the back of the bike. This new suit is perforated, which makes it cooler in the summer and cold in the winter. Still, it fits like a glove and I love riding in it. Earlier today, I went for a “test ride” in the suit. When I stopped for lunch out in Alpine, I seemed to make the cashier’s day. He was very cute and even a bit flirty with me. There is just something fun about being able to wear gear like this anywhere!

New suit - AGV Sport
New suit – AGV Sport
Back of my new suit - AGV Sport
Back of my new suit – AGV Sport
New boots - Tecknic
New boots – Tecknic



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