A Night Out with RubCop

On Wednesday, May 8th, RubCop, Rubberdawg, and I went out to dinner in Hillcrest. This wasn’t your average dinner night. After all, with three kinky guys into gear and bondage, we just had to have some more fun with it. RubCop had brought his full coverage latex suit with him, so it was decided he would go out in that, with a few additions. The suit, which has a few extra zippers, was locked on using a padlock through the zippers. A steel chastity belt was placed on top of his rubber suit. Heavy leg irons, Clejuso #8 Irons, were used instead of my usual oversized boot cuffs. The shorter chain on these irons made walking a lot more of a chore for him and made plenty of noise. Keeping the theme going, Clejuso Heavyweight handcuffs were also added to the mix. RubCop also supplied a very nice leather locking posture collar to wear for the evening. The suit he wore also had an attached gag, so we made sure it got plenty of use. Rubberdawg wore a latex surfsuit and some latex chaps. I wore my white motorcycle leathers with my red/black boots.

Cuffed to the chair while we wait for our food
Cuffed to the chair while we wait for our food
RubCop bound and in full gear at Urban Mo's.
RubCop bound and in full gear at Urban Mo’s.
Time to eat in cuffs.
Time to eat in cuffs.
Care for a drink?
Care for a drink?

Once we were all geared up, we headed out to Hillcrest to have dinner at Urban Mo’s. Parking in Hillcrest isn’t easy, but we managed to find a spot a few blocks away. This did offer the chance to walk a bound RubCop down the street some more. Walking down 5th Ave and University Ave in our gear with a bound sub did attract a lot of attention. Some just gawked, some cheered, and others took photos. Someone at 5th and University said it was cool we were making others smile. Another guy, stuck in traffic on University, was initially trying to take a more “clandestine” photo of us. I saw him and made everyone stop so he could get a better photograph.  After our little walk, we arrived at Urban Mo’s, where we were seated rather quickly. We ended up taking the seat closest to the door on the restaurant side. As a result, quite a few people saw us. Many wanted to take photos and asked what we were doing.

I kept RubCop in cuffs the entire time, even when he was eating. Eating in cuffs is one thing, but eating in cuffs in a full coverage latex suit with a thick posture collar at a busy restaurant is quite another. It was fun watching him eat, though he was making such a mess. Rubberdawg made it a little easier on him by extending his straw for his drink. At least he didn’t have to go too far to drink now. After our meal, it was getting time to head back. RubCop was getting a bit cold and it was getting a lot busier at the place. I went back to get the car to make it a little easier on him as a long walk in the cold wasn’t going to be a good idea. RubCop wasn’t released from his bondage until we finally got back home.

RubCop and I at Urban Mo's
RubCop and SirSDMichael at Urban Mo’s

We all had a great night and I wish to thank Urban Mo’s for hosting us on our little gear and bondage dinner.

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  1. Felix gave me the link, I’m delighted you both had so much fun, I very much enjoyed your evening too:

    My only question; Why release him when you got home, you know what a glutton for bondage he is?

    Best wishes,


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