What is your Kink?

I have many kink interests. This website has covered quite a few of them, but many more remain off the site. My boy has similar interests which makes things quite enjoyable for both of us. I would like to start a discussion about what kinks you, my readers, have. What is it about Leather, Rubber, Bondage, Gear, and Spandex that interests you? For me, it is about how the gear transforms the body, how motorcycle leathers make it seem more “robotic”. I like how rubber makes the body smooth and takes away the more human features. I enjoy wearing diapers, not for its “regressive” nature but how they feel and sound. The crinkly of a diaper gets me hard. The feel of a wet diaper is something else I enjoy. Bondage is a bit different for me than perhaps most. While I always enjoy a bondage session with lots of intense play, I enjoy bondage as a way to relax, to “zone out”. Bondage for me is almost a form of meditation. When I’m bound and left to contemplate, I fall asleep and drift away.

What does gear and/or bondage mean to you? We’d love to hear from you!

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