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Greetings all bondage and gear enthusiasts! My name is Sir SD Michael. Welcome to the wonderful, kinky world of bondage and gear. This isn’t about flogging or spanking, this is about straitjackets, latex, uniforms, and more. There will be various postings about bondage sessions, a series called “Featured Restraint”, gear reviews, tutorials on bondage gear, and links to stores for gear. There will also be plenty of photos of all sorts of fun and restraining times.

One of this websites goals is to also help educate people about bondage and gear. I want people new to BDSM to have a good understanding of what they are getting into and to do so safely. Information on how to find people interested in bondage, what to do when you find them, and how to play safely are discussed on this blog. Under the bondage menu, you’ll find plenty of advice on bondage equipment, its use, and safety tips. The gear menu features various styles of gear and what I find to be interesting about them. Uniforms, latex, spandex, and more will be discussed. Places to purchase bondage and gear are also available through the Store menu.

Personally, I’ve been into bondage and gear most of my life. Straitjackets and shackles always get my attention. I do like to get bound myself sometimes and have quite a bit of experience with it. When I tie others, I tend to enjoy having subs heavily bound and under my control. A naked boy can be as much fun as a fully geared one. I prefer to have my subs always in restraints with no escape until the session is over. Watching them struggle in their bonds and trying to escape is a big turn on for me. Having a boy bound in chains or leather overnight, knowing that he cannot escape until I release him, is something I enjoy. The sound of chains rattling or leather creaking as they try to move around are some of the best sounds, next to them moaning into their gag. Just remember – it isn’t BONDAGE until YOU want OUT!

On July 4, 2013, I collared a pup who I named “Pup Sparky”, known as bndgpup on recon. He always finds a way to make me smile. He enjoys quite a bit of bondage, walks on leash, gear of all sorts, and many other interests in common. He will appear many times on this website getting into bondage and gear in so many ways. In February 2016, I proposed to him and he accepted. On November 30, 2016, we got married. As such, we are not playing with others nor taking on any new subs.

I’m also into gear and gear play. I enjoy Lycra, military uniforms, sports gear, motorcycle gear, wetsuits, bicycling gear, boots, crossdressing, forced fem, diapers, panties, sissification, and latex. You may see me around San Diego, Los Angeles, and other places in all sorts of gear sometime. Please say hello! I strongly encourage others to go out in gear too! You just might have fun doing it. So, come on – Gear Up and Come On Out!

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