Skinsuit Bondage

Bondage and gear go well together. Skinsuits, being my favorite bicycling gear, are fun to use. I had my pup wear one of his suits and I wore one of mine. All sorts of bondage fun ensued. Fist mitts, bondage socks, a spandex blindfold hood, and a nice leather bondage collar were also added to keep the pup in place.

Strapped to the bed in his skinsuit, awaiting what may come
Skinsuited boy, hooded and bound.
Teasing my boy in a skinsuit with the vibrator

Cycling Bondage for the cycling pup

Pup Shackles enjoys all sorts of restraints. He also enjoys gear. I have lots of cycling skinsuits in my collection, but I don’t play in them much. It didn’t take much for him to convince me that wearing one of my suits in bondage was going to be alright though. I do love to see him in skintight gear and in bondage, so it was going to happen anyway. I had him wear one of my long sleeve skinsuits, his helmet, his cycling shoes, and gloves. Once he was all suited up, he was ready for bondage. It was a sort of “all dressed up and no place to go” kind of thing. He would have been ready for a ride, but got a far different workout. I put him into ankle restraints, neck-wrist restraints, and gagged him. I found that the neck-wrist restraints added more tightness to the hogtie than other gear would. This made it a lot tougher to endure for him, but being the bondage pup he is, he took it all quite well.

A hogtied cyclist pup. Leather belts hold his arms forward, making the hogtie tighter.
A hogtied cyclist pup. Leather belts hold his arms forward, making the hogtie tighter.
Nice shoes... and locked together.
Nice shoes… and locked together.
Chain adds to the tightness. I locked his ankles to his collar and wrists making it very tough to struggle.
Chain adds to the tightness. I locked his ankles to his collar and wrists making it very tough to struggle.
Hooded, gagged, and awaiting what may come...
Hooded, gagged, and awaiting what may come…

Bondage and Bicycling

Sometimes two of my favorite things collide in ways I never would have thought. In 2009, Pearl Izumi came out with some rather interesting ads for their new gear that had a bit of a kinky side to them. I found two of them to be quite enjoyable. I hope you do too. Add a gag and some leg irons… then we’ll have some fun!

pearl-izumi-ad-standing pearl-izumi-ad-flat

Cycling Gear Bondage with SquidVA – Part 2

With SquidVA still in the gas mask, it was time to move him around and switch bondage positions. I chose to use a few of my spreader bars in a rather creative way. First I locked his wrists and ankles to the spreader bar in front. I then attached a chain to the back of the collar and to the futon. With both ends chained, he could not move much. After a while of playing with him in this position, I had a fun idea I wanted to try out. I took a couple of shorter bars and locked them to his collar and the front spreader bar. His wrists were then locked to a new bar behind him. This new position was a lot of fun to watch him in. With a couple of modifications to the shorter bars, I could have had him in a makeshift cravat. Perhaps next time I will have to try that one out.

Locked to the front spreader bar
Chained at both ends.
Belts added for extra security
Spreader bars holding the boy in place

Cycling Gear Bondage with SquidVA – Part 1

Another fun session was had tonight with SquidVA. He had wanted some gas mask time, so he got it. He was also in chastity before he arrived. I’m not the keyholder, so it wasn’t taken off. The chastity was covered with a cup, to help protect my gear and further isolate him. I brought out some of my bicycling gear for him to wear. I chose my favorite – my California Flag kit. I then put fist mitts, ankle restraints, collar, and Russian gas mask on him. Hoses were attached to the mask, with the other end first going to a dirty sock, then to some shoes. I tied him in a spread eagle position at first, torturing him with nipple suckers and my wartenberg wheel.

Getting ready for play
Wrists bound and locked while I get the rest set up.
Gas masked and bound
Cycling shoe and a gas mask – a good setup for a bound cyclist. Those shoes have seen many thousands of miles of riding, so they are perfect for this use.
Blinded in the gas mask. Tape covers the eye holes, leaving him in a dark world where I control even his breathing.
Nipple Suction and a wheel… I feel like I’m operating on him with this gear.

Gear – Bicycling

Skinsuits and California Flag kit

I’ve always been fascinated by skintight gear. Seeing cyclists in bike shorts was an exciting sight when I was younger. It still is today. Cycling gear is fun to wear and very practical, at least if you’re a cyclist. Bicycling to the store and going shopping in a skinsuit can also be quite fun. I have even gone out in my gear without the bike many times to various local bars. I think of cycling gear as the “gateway” gear. It helped me become more comfortable wearing skintight gear in public. Mind you, it is much more accepted on a bicycle. Still, some are uncomfortable wearing the gear in public. The key is to be comfortable with yourself. Once you achieve that, you can go out in pretty much any gear you want.

My favorite skinsuit and other gear. Shoe covers, leg warmers, arm warmers, and my old cyclocross bike.

I started my collection with a simple pair of bike shorts. I found a few places where I could get a good deal online, Voler in particular. I now have many skinsuits, bib shorts, jerseys, arm warmers, leg warmers, and more. Skinsuits are my favorite to ride in. They are a one-piece suit with a jersey and shorts combined. I find them quite comfortable to ride in, though a bit warmer at times. My favorite cycling kit that isn’t a skinsuit is my California Flag kit from Voler. I began my 2009 bicycle tour of old US 99 and the Columbia River Highway in that kit.

Start of my 2009 bike tour – in my California Flag kit
Long sleeve skinsuit and my new cyclocross bike.