Pup in Motorcycle Leathers and Bondage

Motorcycle leathers and steel bondage are always a good time. My pup loves to be in leathers and I love to tie him up. This time around, he was hooded with one of our gas mask hoods, collared with a thick leather bondage collar, motorcycle gloves, Sidi motorcycle boots, and in his Dainese Laguna Seca one-piece suit. I added handcuffs over his gloves and leg irons over his boots. To make it more difficult for him, I connected the collar, irons, and cuffs with a chain. Watching him struggle while trying to get himself off was quite entertaining.

Good pup waiting for his master to put him in bondage.
Love the hump on the suit.
Such a nice ass on this pup.
Cuffs and gloves.
Trying to rub his cock through his leathers.
Tuckered out, still in bondage and gear.

Gearing up in public

Out with my boy in our leathers.
Out with my boy in our leathers.
At Pecs Bar in my O'Neill Epic suit
At Pecs Bar in my O’Neill Epic suit
My group in the Castro. I'm in the Army uniform.
My group in the Castro. I’m in the Army uniform.
MCCUU Woodland uniform
MCCUU Woodland uniform

Gearing up in public can be quite a thrill. No matter what gear is put on, you can be sure you’ll get questions and looks. This can be intimidating for new people and can tend to push people away from doing it in the first place. I’ve dealt with this myself, but in the long run, you shouldn’t worry about what others think. Think of it this way, if they don’t like it or think it is odd/strange, that is ok. You’re out there because you’re having fun and enjoying your gear. I’ve gone out in latex catsuits, wetsuits, motorcycle leathers, zentai suits, cycling skinsuits, and lycra tights. They are all a lot of fun to wear and be seen in. So, I strongly encourage all that have the ability to go out in their gear. You’d never know who you might find out there that is also kinky and wants to go out as well. Doing so will also help encourage others to go out in their gear, which gives us all more to watch and enjoy.

Gear Up and Come On Out!