Football uniform

Gear. It means many things to many people. For me, it means clothing other than “normal” clothes. Boots, uniforms, wetsuits, sports gear, bicycling clothing, leather, latex, and much more. Gear is something that I enjoy wearing for all sorts of reasons. It turns me on, it can “transform” who I am or how I look. I like how leather feels and smells. I like how Lycra feels when tight against the skin.

Gear is something that should be seen, not something to be just kept in a closet. When I go out to bars or events, I’m always in gear of some form. I feel it is important to do so as it sets an example for others to follow. The best way to encourage others to go out and wear their gear is to do so yourself. You don’t have to go “all out” and wear a latex catsuit to your regular bar, but why not? I’ve had lots of fun in my gear and met a lot of very interesting people.

So Come on Out and Gear Up!