Hogtied in arm binders and heels.
Hogtied in arm binders and heels.

Crossdressing is something that means many things to many different people. To me, it means putting on sexy womens clothing. I personally enjoy wearing panties, stockings, lingerie, heels, and skirts. What makes a crossdresser, in any form, different than others is that they don’t find it to be humiliating to wear these clothes. I wear panties often, more often than mens underwear. I enjoy how they feel, look, and how they tend to show off my ass more. My husband / boy seems to enjoy it as well to an extent.

Crossdressing in lingerie - panties, stockings, garter, and a bra
Crossdressing in lingerie – panties, stockings, garter, and a bra
Dressed in a skirt, panties, fishnet stockings, and a garter
Dressed in a skirt, panties, fishnet stockings, and a garter
A portion of my panty collection.

Some prefer to be forced to crossdress. It makes them feel more submissive and more vulnerable. Forcing someone to be more “feminine” by putting them into female clothing tends to make some more submissive. Similar to putting a hood on a boy, you’re taking something away from them. Something they hold dear. In this case, their masculinity. What clothing and how much depends on, aside from how much you actually have, what sort of result you’re looking for. Forced feminization can take on many forms, from the simple panties and bra, to something more extreme such as “pussy panties” which are usually rubber and cover the cock with an artificial “pussy” or vagina. Some of these can even be penetrated, further taking away the boy’s masculinity.

When forcing a boy to crossdress, some things have to be taken into account. What sort of panties will he wear? Will he wear a bra? Will he wear something more sexual and feminine? It really depends on what sort of bondage you’re going to put the boy in. Feminization, to me, needs bondage to be complete. How would you use forced feminization on a boy?

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  1. I love to be in panties, stockings and garter belt. My dream is to be locked in a frilly maids dress and put in a secure cage. I wear panties under my male clothes all the time. I’ve tried to stop many times but I just can’t. I now know that there is no cure . I like all your bondage equipment for sure. No escape for sure. That aspect excites me. Thank you!

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