Bondage Tip #7 – Overnight Bondage

Chained to the futon in the morning.

Being bound overnight is certainly the subject of many boys fantasies. It can be done more easily than you might think as well. Having the endurance to be bound overnight also has the advantage to extending a bondage session for many more hours than might normally happen. I’ve been bound overnight many times and have had boys sleeping in bondage as well. Here are a few good tips to help extend your bondage session and maybe even fulfill some fantasies while also understanding some of the safety precautions that need to be undertaken. In no particular order:

  1. Always be cautious about restricting breathing. Gags, hoods, gas masks, and even collars can do this. While tight and restricting is fun, loosen the gear a bit. Gas masks are usually something to avoid for overnight bondage. The valve may stick overnight cause problems, something that could easily be dealt with when both are awake but not when both are asleep.
  2. Tightness of the bondage should be loosened a bit for overnight sessions. Arms, shoulders, and legs can lose circulation and become numb otherwise, something that reduces the enjoyment and safety of the sub.
  3. Diapers can help with making sure the sub doesn’t end a session early because that have to urinate, unless you have the setup to just let them urinate all over themselves.
  4. Hoods, assuming the problems with breathing restriction can be resolved, have another issue. Any hood that covers the nose can be somewhat loud for sleeping. You can hear yourself breathing, loudly, and it can keep a sub awake. They can also heat up quite a bit and sweat dripping into the subs eyes can be a problem if not taken care of.
  5. Gear worn overnight shouldn’t be too hot nor too cold. Temperature regulation is important for a good overnight session.
  6. Immobilization bondage overnight can come with a few issues. Naturally, we tend to turn a few times while sleeping. Being held in one position overnight can create problems with the back unless there is enough padding.

Overall, just make sure the boy is at least partly comfortable and won’t have any problems that could cause concerns overnight. It may take a few sessions to get a good feel for how much your sub can take while sleeping.  The exploration of limits and testing of endurance are just some of the things that make bondage more fun in the first place.

Pup in Motorcycle Leathers and Bondage

Motorcycle leathers and steel bondage are always a good time. My pup loves to be in leathers and I love to tie him up. This time around, he was hooded with one of our gas mask hoods, collared with a thick leather bondage collar, motorcycle gloves, Sidi motorcycle boots, and in his Dainese Laguna Seca one-piece suit. I added handcuffs over his gloves and leg irons over his boots. To make it more difficult for him, I connected the collar, irons, and cuffs with a chain. Watching him struggle while trying to get himself off was quite entertaining.

Good pup waiting for his master to put him in bondage.
Love the hump on the suit.
Such a nice ass on this pup.
Cuffs and gloves.
Trying to rub his cock through his leathers.
Tuckered out, still in bondage and gear.

Bondage with Motorcycle Leathers

My boy loves gear and bondage. His favorite, and certainly one of my favorites, is to gear up in motorcycle leathers. His Vanucci suit fits him nice and tight, something which I find lends itself to heavy bondage.

This time, the boy was suited up, had bondage socks and mitts placed on him, and was gagged using the Bishop Head Harness. Now that we have a new gag for it, we have been using it a lot more. The one trick though, is that the new gag is a bit larger than the old. As a result, it works even better to keep the boys moans to a low level, despite the torture he goes through.

A happy bound boy. Not only are his wrists locked to the chain, but they are locked together as well.
A happy bound boy. Not only are his wrists locked to the chain, but they are locked together as well.

To keep the boy further restrained in his new leather prison, I added belts, chain, and padlocks to hold it all together. A vibrator kept him squirming in his tight leather bondage. He is also wearing a chastity device – a Holy Trainer. It is always fun to watch a bound boy that can’t get off.

I decided against boots, as the bondage socks help add to the more complete leather coverage.
I decided against boots, as the bondage socks help add to the more complete leather coverage.
Struggling against his restraints.
Struggling against his restraints.

Bondage Tip #6 – Two Fingers

Anytime you put a boy into bondage, you need to make sure they are able to breathe properly. The general guideline for muzzles and collars is two fingers. You should be able to fit two fingers between their face or neck and what they are wearing. Muzzles can be a little tighter, at the face but the neck should still be at the two finger tightness. The boy shouldn’t be struggling to breathe, at least when you don’t want them to be struggling.