Bondage Tip #6 – Two Fingers

Anytime you put a boy into bondage, you need to make sure they are able to breathe properly. The general guideline for muzzles and collars is two fingers. You should be able to fit two fingers between their face or neck and what they are wearing. Muzzles can be a little tighter, at the face but the neck should still be at the two finger tightness. The boy shouldn’t be struggling to breathe, at least when you don’t want them to be struggling.

Straitjacket and Humane Restraints

With a Posey straitjacket, it makes sense to also have more medical restraints to go with it. My boy purchased some Humane Restraint ankle cuffs with a locking belt a while back. They do get plenty of use. In this case, he was hooded, strapped into the straitjacket, and his ankles were put into the restraints. For extra security, leg irons were also added. Cuffs were also added to his arms as anchor points. Chain was added at his arms and ankles to keep him secure. Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon, or longer.

Almost have an institutional them going here with the Posey straitjacket and Humane Restraint leg cuffs.

Skinsuit Bondage

Bondage and gear go well together. Skinsuits, being my favorite bicycling gear, are fun to use. I had my pup wear one of his suits and I wore one of mine. All sorts of bondage fun ensued. Fist mitts, bondage socks, a spandex blindfold hood, and a nice leather bondage collar were also added to keep the pup in place.

Strapped to the bed in his skinsuit, awaiting what may come
Skinsuited boy, hooded and bound.
Teasing my boy in a skinsuit with the vibrator