Chains – a simple, effective way

Back in December 2011, colobondageboy was planning to come out here for a short bondage visit. Unfortunately, earlier that week, I was involved in a serious collision on my bicycle. I didn’t want to disappoint though. My usual heavier bondage was simply out of the question as both my wrists were badly sprained. I do, however, still have enough to keep the boy well bound for his visit. I chose handcuffs, shackles, and padlocks as my tools. They were quite effective, keeping him well bound for his visit and in a manner my wrists could take. Even though I was injured, the sounds of a gagged boy moaning and rattling the chains he wore turned me on. Having a bound boy around certainly aided in my healing that weekend!

colobondageboy – chained up at the wall. This boy is wearing a thick leather isolation hood.
colobondageboy – strapped to my futon. Chains connect his wrists and his ankles, making movement tougher.

Chair bondage and motorcycle gear for SquidVA

My new bondage chair, unmodified

I recently acquired a chair that I will turn into a bondage chair. It needed to get tested. So, I invited SquidVA for its first session. After he arrived, he was ordered to strip completely and then put on the gear I had laid out. He put on a lycra diveskin, the motorcycle leathers, boots, and then gloves. Once in the gear, he was tape gagged, blindfolded, and then told to sit down in the chair. I then started to strap him down to the chair using various belts, chain, and rope that I had available. It took a bit of effort, but it worked out great. Once fully strapped down, he was only able to wiggle a little bit, making him quite easy to play with. I then removed the tape gag and replaced it with a locking muzzle. I figured I could use the extra attachment point on top of his head.

SquidVA – ready for the chair in my leathers and boots.
SquidVA – starting to get strapped down
Muzzle – locked on. So many locks!
Muzzled and blindfolded, all you can do is moan.
Chair chained to the wall, for extra security.
Gloved hands strapped down
Overview of the chair and bound subject

After letting him struggle for a while, and tightening straps where needed, it was time to play with him. I worked his cock and nipples through the leather suit, making him moan into the muzzle. Oh it was fun, making him squirm and moan. I worked him over for quite a while, occasionally stopping to watch him struggle some more. After a couple hours, I slowly unstrapped him from the chair, letting him relax some. He will be back for more bondage fun in the future.

Straps and chains, can’t have enough, until next time

SquidVA wrapped up

SquidVA is one of my regular players. He loves to be bound. So, we try new things often seeing what other fun bondage we can do. On this particular day, it was finally cool enough to do mummification. I wrapped him from his neck down, keeping his cock readily accessible. Instead of wrapping his head, I used my Mr S Bishop Head Harness as it has a nice gag I could use on the boy.

A nice view of the bound boy. So vulnerable.
SquidVA is now ready for torture
SquidVA mummified, with Mr S Bishop Head Harness

He stayed wrapped up for about an hour or so and endured plenty of torture during that time. I always love the sound of a boy moaning into a gag.

Bishop Head Harness, with gag. A nice addition to mummification.

Movie Night at Sir SD Michael’s

While a night of heavy bondage and play can be quite enjoyable, sometimes I want to kick back and relax. Perhaps, watch a movie. So, when a bondage boy comes over ready to play, I have a different sort of play in mind. I will put them into bondage, usually heavy but sometimes lighter, chain them to the couch, and watch a movie. The movies widely vary, but I can guarantee that Airplane or Drop Dead Gorgeous won’t be the same for them again!

Brandondusk – Chained and Cup muzzled for the movie.
boy4service – straitjacketed, hooded, and gagged
Arizonabondageboy – Straitjacketed, muzzled, and ironed
Squidva – Chained and straitjacketed

Airport Pickup

Upon arrival to San Diego International Airport, leathergloveboy was instructed to walk to a nearby park to meet me. I was ready for him wearing a Marine uniform and had handcuffs at the ready.

MCCUU Woodland and Cuffs

We met, said hello. From that point on, things changed. I told him to turn around put his hands on top of his head, to which he complied. I then cuffed him behind his back and put him in leg irons. Now well restrained, I placed him into the car and put the seat belt on. Once I got into the car, I had one more thing for him – a spandex hood. Now hooded, cuffed, and ironed, he was ready for transport.

After a 15 minute drive from the airport, we arrived at my place. I first took his bags out of the car and brought them inside. He was next. I decided it was best for him if the hood did not come off until he was safely chained at my place. So, still in cuffs, irons, and a hood, I led this boy up the stairs and into the apartment. I already had a chain locked to the wall waiting for him attached to a collar. I didn’t remove the hood until I had him collared and chained to the wall. This was only the beginning of a long weekend of bondage for him.

Leathergloveboy – Cuffed and Ironed
Leathergloveboy – Hooded and Chained

Closet Bondage

This boy, Troyjr, needed some time in isolation. I had him tape gagged, hooded, straitjacketed, and in ankle restraints. He had been muzzled earlier, but I found the tape gag to be more effective with this one.
Straitjacketed, gagged, and a spreader bar at his ankles.

I then took him from the futon, walked him to the closet, shoved him down, and locked it behind me. There, he was left for some time, thrashing around but unable to escape.

Locked in the closet, this boy isn’t going anywhere