Featured Restraint – Clejuso Heavyweight Cuffs

Clejuso Heavyweight Cuffs and their keys
Clejuso Heavyweight Cuffs and their keys

I recently acquired a pair of Clejuso Heavyweight Cuffs. Weighing almost three pounds, the person wearing them definitely knows they are in cuffs. Regular handcuffs feel almost like toys in comparison.  In the past, a couple of the boys I’ve played with had a pair, so I had the chance to use them. I tried them out in various positions and with other gear. I was pleased when the cuffs fit through my restraint belt, allowing me to use them for transporting boys. When I found a pair on sale, I jumped at the chance to have a pair of my own. As I already had the matching leg irons, it felt good to have a complete set of heavyweight restraints.

Clejuso Heavyweight cuffs are not only heavier, they are also wider. The extra width makes them much more comfortable for long term restraint. The width is similar to shackles. Regular handcuffs, being narrower, have a more focused pressure point and aren’t as comfortable for longer use. These cuffs can be worn for extended periods without issue. Their larger size also has a “larger” sound to them. The sound, the sight, the feel all add up to a very different cuffing experience. It is certainly one that the boy won’t soon forget.

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  1. SIR the handcuffs are awesome SIR. SIR it wishes it had a pair like them SIR.
    SIR may it ask please who SIR bought them from SIR?
    SIR thank you SIR for reading it’s message SIR.
    sub to legbracerbob

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