Featured Restraint – Leather Isolation Hood

Leather hoods are some of my favorites to put boys into. An isolation hood is my favorite of those. Not only can they not see, but hearing and speaking are also affected. It seems strange, but somehow most boys sound the same when put into the hood. Hearing them try to speak wearing it is a lot of fun to interpret. My isolation hood, from Leather Creations, has locking straps to make it even tighter on the boys head. It came with a small grommet at the mouth for breathing, but recently I added two grommets for nose holes to make it easier for breathing and to control temperatures in the hood. I’ve found that I can last longer wearing a hood with nose holes than without. This boy was the first to try out my modifications and it worked quite well. I also modified the lacing and replaced it with grey shoe laces. They give a nice color accent to the back of the hood. After all, isn’t grey for bondage?

Front of the hood... many locks and straps!
Front of the hood… many locks and straps!
Back of the hood, more locks and straps.
Back of the hood, more locks and straps.

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