Restraint of the Week – Collars – October 8, 2012

Collars are a tool with meaning and versatility in use. Most collars are leather, but some are steel or rubber. They come in a variety of styles depending on their intended use. There are bondage collars, thick steel collars, chain collars, puppy collars, and some more ornamental collars. A heavy steel collar is a useful reminder of status just as much as a locked chain collar. An ornamental collar is a one that denotes a more permanent connection with a Dominant, be it as a slave, boy, or even pup. These collars are usually more like jewelry and are very much like necklaces.

Standard leather collars – one locking, both made by Sir SD Michael
Chain Collars and Tags

With a collar, you can clip a leash to a boy to easily lead him around, tie him down, or chain him to something. A boy is very much under control when they are wearing a collar. A good bondage collar tends to be thicker and has more D-rings on it. These additional rings, more than a standard collar, allow more attachment points and greater control of the bound boy. Comfort, at this point, becomes very much subjective. A thick collar can make it tough to move the head around at times. One of my favorite collars, the Mr. S Neoprene Bondage Collar, is quite comfortable for longer term use. The neoprene used is much softer than leather, but just as binding. It is also able to get wet without problem, making even more useful in a longer term scene.

Mr S Neoprene Bondage Collar

A collar, when worn in a public area, usually denotes ownership or looking for such. An unlocked collar means the boy is looking, where a locked collar means he is taken or “collared”. The collar could be in the form of a leather collar with a d-ring in front or a chain collar with a padlock connecting the chain. The chain collar is the more widely used symbol for ownership. Some Sirs and Masters add a tag to the collar, either denoting their boys name or their name. My preference is for a tag on the boy’s collar. It makes an extra sound for them to help their headspace and is a way for others to identify the boy and his owner.

Bondageferret – Collared, hooded, and chained
Brandondusk – Collared and bound
Rauchysubboy wearing a bondage and chain collar.

As these devices are designed to go around the neck, caution must be used in their use. It is important to ensure that a collar is at a proper tightness. Too loose and it becomes a problem in not spreading out the pressure. Too tight and it could cause breathing problems and reduce circulation. Extra care should be taken when using a thick leather collar as the edges can be rough on a neck. Soreness or abrasion usually shows up if it is too tight. Keeping all this in mind, check out the store link on my blog, get a collar, and have some fun!

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