Restraint of the Week – Fist Mitts – November 26, 2012

Fist mitts are a great tool to keep a boy’s busy hands under control. They are usually made of leather or rubber. Some are heavily padded, adding to the restraint and loss of use of the hands. Even unpadded mitts, which tend to be tighter, work quite well. Some rubber mitts are also inflatable, providing a similar feel to that of padded leather mitts. I prefer locking mitts as they are much tougher to remove. Mitts also have the dual purpose of bondage and pup play. With pup play, they turn hands into paws and make it much easier for the boy to be on his hands and knees. With the fingers out of the way and unusable, a simple clip can be used instead of a lock to connect the wrists. I find that tends to help the headspace of the boy as he is well bound by such a simple device.

Mr S Fist Mitts – Note the locking post and Velcro enclosure to ensure a tighter fit.

The perfect way to keep a boy bound and controlled, yet still somewhat “usable” is with fist mitts, a muzzle, and bondage socks. All these used together make using a key to escape pretty close to impossible. I’ve used fist mitts in combination with rope bondage, making untying knots much more difficult for the boy. Fist mitts work quite well with a lot of other bondage gear, such as a leather bondage suit. Mitts provide that extra bit of leather coverage that regular restraints just can’t offer.

Mitts and Uniforms
Unpadded Fist mitts – Boy is chained and in full football gear.
Chained and locked behind

I’ve gone out with fist mitts clipped to my belt at times. I’ve had all sorts of questions because of that. Some confuse them to be boxing gloves though most seem to understand that they are strictly bondage gear. Fist mitts, a collar, and a leash are good items to bring along to any pup night at a bar, just in case you pick up a stray pup. You just never know what might happen.

Caged and mitted – a perfect way to keep a pup.

With fist mitts, there aren’t too many things that can go wrong. Like leather restraints, tightness at the wrist is the main thing to be careful about. Fatigue in the hands can be a bit quicker though, as they are balled up into a fist and cannot be stretched out. Make sure to have the boy make a fist with his thumb outside instead of inside as he will last a lot longer that way. Keep in mind they can’t use their hands, so you will have to help them do more things than if they were just in restraints. Sometimes that can add to the fun, showing them how helpless they really are.

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    1. Bondage socks are leather locking restraints that go over the entire foot. They have a padded bottom to make it more comfortable for longer term wear. Mr S Leather makes some rather nice ones.

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