Restraint of the Week – Gags – December 10, 2012

Gags are a good way to keep a boy quiet. They have other uses, however. Some are designed to keep the mouth open, some keep it full, and others allow the mouth to be used in various ways. The more commonly known gag is a ball gag. It is usually the one seen in movies and TV. They are simple in design, being just a large ball with a strap holding the ball in the mouth. Ball gags are also quite a visual gag, as you can usually see the ball in the bound subs mouth. Most other mouth filling gags are cock shaped or are a leather plug. Mouth opening gags, such as O-ring gags, hold the mouth open with the sub helpless against preventing things going into their mouth. You can use such gags to force them to suck, drink, and drool. Many gags are locking, making them quite tough to remove, even if the sub has his hands free.

Mr S Front Buckle Gag

When I gag a boy, I prefer to already have them bound. They have little choice but to be gagged at that point. If they resist, there are still ways to make sure it goes in their mouth. With the drooling gags, like a ball gag or O-ring gag, forcing them to drool over themselves can be quite humiliating for them. I’ve used my O-ring gag to force boys to suck my cock. The front buckle gag from Mr. S Leather has the visual appeal of a locking buckle in the front, which the boy can hear rattling as they move.

O-ring gag on a straitjacketed boy
Ball gagged and blindfolded. This particular gag was something I made myself.
Front buckle gag tightly locked on.

A gag I don’t get to use often, though enjoy quite a bit when I do, is my locking funnel gag. A funnel gag has but a few uses. It is designed to force fluids into the bound boys mouth. What fluids those are is up to me. It is more commonly used as a piss gag, but you can also do cum, water, and anything else you’d like. There are other similar gags, usually included with a hood, turning a bound boy into a urinal boy.

Funnel gag ready for use

As you’re putting something into someone’s mouth, it is important to make sure it is clean. Disinfectant wipes are a good thing to keep around to clean the gag after use. Choking is a hazard that cannot be overlooked. Swallowing is difficult when gagged in any form. Don’t leave a boy alone when they are gagged, just in case they do start to choke. Make sure the boy can breathe well and isn’t actually gagging. Deeper gags can induce the gag reflex which can be dangerous to a bound boy.

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