Restraint of the Week – Handcuffs – September 19, 2012

Handcuffs. A simple yet effective bondage device.

Peerless Model 700 Black Handcuffs

For the most part, they are lightweight and easy to use. Handcuffs are probably the most widely used form of restraint in the world. With this use comes variety. They come in many shapes, weights, colors, and sizes. Clejuso, a German manufacturer, makes some rather heavyweight cuffs and leg irons. Other companies, like Chicago Handcuff and Peerless, make more standard cuffs. Some handcuffs use chain to connect the wrists, some use hinges, others are rigid.

Smith and Wesson Model 300B Hinged Cuffs

My personal favorite chain handcuff is the Clejuso Model 15 Heavy Weight handcuffs, pictured below. They are more comfortable to wear for longer periods because of the width of the rails. These cuffs can be quite the attention getter simply by their size. The wearer gets to deal with their extra weight, something that adds a bit to the restraint and the headspace.

Clejuso Model 15 Heavy Weight cuffs

When I use handcuffs, it tends to be for short term restraint, leading to heavier and stronger bondage. Sometimes they can be used in pairs to hold a bound subs wrists apart in a “spread eagle” position. I’ve used them mostly for transport of bound subs from place to place. Having their hands bound behind their back in a manner that is easy to release is quite helpful. I really enjoy the ratcheting sound of modern handcuffs – a few clicks and you’re securely bound.

There is also just something special about how they can look. A Sir or Master with a pair of handcuffs at his waist means he is ready to restrain, ready to control. When I go out, I have them in a cuff case, which makes it easier to carry on my belt. My duty belt for my MP gear has two cuff cases, one of which has the cuffs more exposed.

Handcuffs make a great “starter” to a bondage gear collection. They do require some safety knowledge though. To use handcuffs properly, you have to understand a few of the basics about them. Always use “double locking” cuffs. A good pair of handcuffs will have a key actuated lock. Don’t use cuffs that use a lever to release the cuffs or to actuate the double lock system. These can and do fail easily. The double lock prevents them from ratcheting tighter than necessary and reduces the risk of injury. Be careful when you put cuffs onto someone. First off, when you bind someone, you have control over them and you need to understand that. Second, steel is unforgiving. Use caution when putting pressure on the cuffed wrists. There are many different techniques for cuffing. I highly recommend checking out Youtube for many its instructional videos.

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  1. SIR thank you for taking the time to write about all the Bondage gear and for posting all the great pictures.
    May it ask please SIR who SIR bought the Clejuso Hvy Weight Handcuffs from? it would like to get a pair of them for itself to use.

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