Restraint of the Week – Hoods – October 22, 2012

One of the best items a bondage gear collection should have is a hood. A hood covers the entire head, where a mask covers just the face. Hoods serve so many purposes and look great on a boy. Leather hoods are the most common. Some have options for gags, blindfolds, and many more things to make them versatile. Leather hoods can also be used as isolation, or sensory deprivation hoods. Thick padding around the eyes, ears, and mouth make hearing quite difficult for the boy. Straps tightening the hood add to the feeling of isolation and control. Latex and neoprene hoods are skintight which adds another dimension to their feeling. Not only does the boy no longer have a face, but most features are now smooth and doll-like. Steel hoods are rarer and tend to be more “medieval” in appearance. Lycra hoods are also used and are fairly easy to apply. Other items, such as muzzles, can be added to enhance their effect. Leather and steel hoods are usually locking in some way, making them quite difficult to remove.

leathergloveboy – hooded and bound
boy4service – double zip neoprene hood

Hooding a boy takes their identity away, removes or reduces some of their senses, and leaves them more vulnerable. Sometimes hooding a boy is the quickest and easiest way to put them into their proper headspace of submission. Any hood takes the identity of a boy away from them. Without an identity, they are more an object and less a person. My favorite style of hood is an isolation hood. One of mine has four locking straps. When the boy is wearing one, a favorite ploy of mine is to answer questions like “When will I be released?” by rubbing my hands over the hood while talking. This only frustrates the boy as he cannot hear anything other than that. It can also be used as a punishment device, keeping them hooded and in isolation longer. Doing such allows them to understand how much control they no longer have.

Straitjacketed and hooded – a good way to keep a sub under control
hooded prisoner – using a locking leather sensory deprivation hood
boy4service – hooded and gagged. Ear covers added for further sensory deprivation.

A boy that allows himself to be hooded shows a lot of trust in the Dom that is binding them. As such, great care should be taken to ensure the boy’s safety while he is hooded. Some subs can become claustrophobic when hooded. Adding the locks can be a trigger for this. Always keep your keys handy, as you should at all times, in case you need to release them quicker. Breathing is also an issue with hoods. Make sure that they can breathe well and don’t leave a tightly hooded boy unattended if there are breathing issues. Overheating is a problem with most hoods, but that can be mitigated other ways if you wish to keep the boy hooded. I’ve found that with having proper nose holes, even the tightest and thickest hoods can be worn quite a long time.

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