Restraint of the Week – Leg Irons – October 29, 2012

Leg irons, a wonderful addition to so many bondage positions. They can prevent a sub from running, kicking, even walking fast if the chain is short enough. Leg irons can complete the look of being a prisoner. Wrists and ankles bound in steel. Some come with handcuffs, known as combination irons, which are good for holding and transport of your bound boy. They are usually made of steel, though some are leather in composition. The leather ones have chain permanently connected to each ankle cuff and aren’t as common.

Darby Style Leg Irons
Chicago Model 2500 Boot Cuffs
Clejuso Number 15 Leg Irons

My personal favorite leg iron is my Clejuso Number 15 Leg Iron, which weighs a lot more than an average set. They have a different style ratcheting mechanism, which does not slip through. They also make a lovely sound when closing around a boy’s ankles. It is a very solid click with which the boy knows he is bound. The chain is shorter than average, which makes walking more difficult. However, isn’t that what it is all about? My Chicago Model 2500 Oversized Boot Cuffs, the largest on the market, are my standby cuffs. I use them when I am applying irons to a boy wearing boots. These have a longer chain between, but still restrict movement quite nicely. Both the irons have a rattle to them which is music to my ears, hearing a boy walking with them on. If I have a boy in a straitjacket, irons are usually applied to prevent them from walking far or fast.

Leg Irons and Motorcycle gear
Cage, irons, and a straitjacket. A perfect way to store a boy.
Full Irons, Cuff Tubes, ACU’s, and a hood. Boy is chained to the wall and futon, just in case.
Leg Irons, fist mitts, and a lycra suit. With the chain connecting the irons, mitts, and the wall, movement is very restricted.

I have an older set of irons, Darby style, which work well for most boys. They are a little slower to apply but do the job. I found this particular set in Julian, California when I was getting some apple pie. Antique and kitsch shops can be bondage gear stores sometimes too. The boy I was with when I purchased was a bit hesitant, as he knew he would be wearing them when we got home. At the time of purchase, they were quite grimy and dirty. I brought the cuffs to the local hardware store so they could recommend a cleaner, which worked out well. It took some time to clean, the boy helped of course, and then wore them.

boy asleep in leg irons and a straitjacket

Now, as with any steel bondage item, you have to use caution. With ankles, there are lots of bones and places to watch for pressure. Make sure to tighten the cuffs so they don’t wander too much, but don’t cut off circulation. Leg irons can even mark booted ankles, depending on the boots and the irons. As the boy won’t be able to take a full stride, remember this when you are walking them. Curbs and stairs can be a problem as well as speed. Take it slow and enjoy the sound of the chains rattling more.

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