Restraint of the Week – Muzzles – October 15, 2012

What is made of leather (usually), covers the mouth, and only allows a muffled sound out of a boy? A muzzle, of course! They come in all forms, be it leather, latex, or neoprene. Most muzzles have extra d-rings on them giving them greater flexibility in bondage. A ring on the top of the muzzle makes it easier to hold a boy in place by his head, but does not allow suspension from that point. A ring at the collar is great for leading them around or chaining him to something. A padded muzzle, in addition to locking, is good for long term control of the boy. When locked on, they cannot take it off and are silenced until it is removed. Some muzzles have extra features such as a built-in gag, breather tube, and even a dildo. So many possibilities for bondage, control, and even humiliation!

My two Mr. S Leather muzzles – New one on the right.
Mr S. Leather Muzzle – inside view. Nice padding for the boy’s mouth.

The look of a muzzled boy has always been hot to me. When they are controlled with a muzzle, they cannot speak. They only have their muffled moans and grunts to speak to you. If a boy is making too much noise, even with a muzzle locked on them, a ball gag can also be added under the muzzle. The ball gag holds the mouth open and the muzzle holds it closed making a quite effective seal. While sometimes a blindfold is best, the eyes of a boy while you’re playing with him can be even better to watch. Seeing those eyes under a muzzle adds so much more to the experience. The smell of the leather is also an ever-present feature, with the main part of the muzzle right under the boy’s nose. You can even tease the boy by grabbing the top ring and forcing his head down to your cock, showing him something he wants but cannot have.

brandondusk – muzzled and chained. A spreader bar and tape fist-mitts all add to his bondage.
muzzled and blindfolded boy
Four of the five locks on this muzzle. The fifth is on the top strap.

As with most other gear, some safety tips are essential for safe and fun play. A muzzle doesn’t have a mouth opening usually, so make sure your boy gets a drink every once and a while. Tightening the straps too much around the forehead can cause a headache which can prematurely end a scene. Remember, you’re in control of the boy’s head – physically and mentally. Use care and you can keep that boy under your control for many more times to come.

brandondusk – tired, shackled, muzzled, and still bound for a lot longer

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