Restraint of the Week – Restraints – October 2, 2012

Restraints are one of many tools of the trade in bondage. They are quite versatile. Most are made of leather, but some are made of latex, neoprene, canvas, and bioethane. Good restraints are made with locking buckles or locking posts to allow them to be locked onto the sub. A locking restraint can make it tougher for the sub to remove the restraints and intensifies their headspace. Padded restraints, in addition to locking, are also quite effective in this manner. They are more comfortable for longer term wear and keep the sub in his proper headspace, as they feel the restraints on their body constantly.

JT Stockroom Restraints – Ankle and Wrist
Locking Wrist Restraint – JT Stockroom
Side View of JT Stockroom Wrist restraint – lots of padding!

A bound sub can be put into many positions with ease with restraints. My favorite is a spread eagle position where their ankles and wrists are pulled away from their body. In this position, even the head can be tied down with relative ease. Hogtie positions are also simplified with restraints. With the use of clips or locks, the ankles and wrists can be bound behind the subs back. For more mobile bondage, chain can be locked to the restraints allowing for a more restricted movement.

Raul1859 spread eagle in spandex using wrist and ankle restraints

Floormatt in a straitjacket, Football gear, restraints

A boy walking into a leather bar with restraints already on can be quite suggestive. Much like a hanky, a viewer has to interpret the meaning. Locked restraints usually mean that the boy is spoken for, where unlocked could mean he wants to play. It also makes them much easier to bind in a bar environment. When I have a sub in a public area, I tend to keep the restraints locked on and visibly so. When I was shopping for restraints, I had many options. There are locking, padded, non-locking, non-padded, leather, rubber, and so on. There are many stores to get them as well, each with a different design. Originally, I had Mr. S Leather restraints, which served me well. Unfortunately, they were stolen. I searched for new ones, and decided upon the ones from JT Stockroom. I found them to be a bit more padded, which I enjoyed. They also had a special feature – two locks instead of one. They are a little more difficult to apply at times, but are well worth it. Seeing a bound boy, especially in public, with so many locks can be quite a turn on indeed.

Ankle Restraints and Cycling shoes

There are some safety issues with restraints to consider. Most standard restraints should not be used for suspension, as there are specialized ones for this purpose. Circulation is the biggest problem that is also easy to correct. Making sure the restraints are on tight, but not so tight as to cut off circulation can take some learning. It is always best to check with your bound sub if they are having any issues. Weaker restraints can also be a problem as they may break at an inopportune time, so be aware of this.

Once you find a set of restraints you enjoy, learn to use them properly, and care for them, they will serve you for many years. So, get out there and do some bondage!

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