Restraint of the Week – Shackles – November 14, 2012

Heavy steel, clanking with every movement, unyielding and unforgiving. This is what makes shackles one of my favorite pieces of bondage gear. Shackles are made of steel, sometimes shiny, usually more subdued. Weight also is a factor in shackles. Some styles are very heavy, weighing up to 20 lbs., others are lighter. Regardless of weight, they are quite effective. Locking mechanisms vary even more. It really breaks down to two categories – padlocks or bolts. A good set of shackles with padlocks will not have any movement, otherwise pinching may occur. A bolted set is a little cleaner in appearance and just as binding. The bolt is usually hidden, so it is inaccessible to the bound boy. A hex bolt is the most common bolt used for shackles, making it a little tougher to remove unless you have the proper wrench or key. Shackles can also be made in combinations or separated. The best combination is a five-way set. This set connects the collar, wrists, and ankles, controlling all movements in the process. Some are made for strictly bondage, others are made to be able to move around and perform tasks while chained.

Five-Point Shackles – Bolted. Made by Dungeon Delights.
Closeup of bolt on shackle
wrist shackles – padlocked

My favorite way to hold a boy bound an extended period of time (can last days) is in my five-way shackle set. They are able to perform some tasks, though very limited at their ankles. They can be easily controlled by simply pulling on any one of the chains. Those same chains can also be shortened with padlocks, making movement that much more difficult. My set of shackles also has two loops at the collar, allowing for a good connection for chain or rope. I usually use these loops to lock the boy down to the bed or wall. Shackles, like straitjackets, are a form of “mobile bondage”. I can transport them, take them around, and they are still bound the entire time. I’ve taken a few boys out to the local bar in shackles. It always gets a bit of attention when I send them to get me a drink. I just love the sound of the chains as they walk, always gets me nice and hard. It works on the boy too as the sound reminds them of their place and their bondage. The weight of the chains also adds to that experience.

bondageferret – shackled at the Eagle in San Diego.
arizonabondageboy – shackled and gagged
Shackled and gagged. Boy is also chained to the wall at the collar.
Shackled and caged boy, a gag added to keep him quiet.
Wrist and Ankle Shackles, chained together.

Shackles, while good for longer term bondage, have their drawbacks. The largest is their unforgiving nature. Steel worn for extended periods can wear the skin and cause marks that can last. If a boy is to wear shackles for a long period or wears often, he should have a set specially made for him. Shackles should fit properly and not be loose. There should be some movement over the skin. Just remember that steel is unyielding, bones and skin are. If you’re going to keep your boys or slaves in chains, spoil them with nice shackles. They will look good and feel good too.

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